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High Purity Serratia Marcescens Nuclease 250 Units/ΜL

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High Purity Serratia Marcescens Nuclease 250 Units/ΜL

Brand Name : YAXINBIO

Model Number : RSN20

Certification : NQA ISO 9001:2015

Place of Origin : China, Shanghai

Payment Terms : T/T

Price : Negotiation

Catalog Number : RSN20

Cas : 9025-65-4

EC :

Activity : 250 units/μL

Purity : ≥99%

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High Purity Super Nuclease From Serratia Marcescens ≥ 250 units/μL

Super Nuclease

Cat.No.: RSN20

CAS: 9025-65-4


Storage Temperature: -20℃

Source: E. Coli


Benzonase Nuclease, Synonyms:Benzonase Endonuclease,Super Nuclease,TurboNuclease,Universal Nuclease,a non-specific endonuclease derived from Serratia marcescens. Yaxin Benzonase Nuclease has a high activity and enzyme specificity, can cut between any nucleotides in the chain to completely digest the nucleic acid into 5'-monophosphate oligonucleotides with a length of 3-8 bases, which can degrade various forms of DNA and RNA (double-stranded, single-stranded, linear, circular, natural or denatured) under a wide range of conditions (6M Urea, 0.1M Guanidine HCl, 0.4%Triton X100, 0.1% SDS, 1mM EDTA, 1mM PMSF). This product has a wide range of uses, usually used in removing nucleic acids from biological products such as recombinant proteins, virus vaccines, and effectively reducing the viscosity of protein lysate samples such as cells, tissues, and microorganisms.

2.Main Features

SourceRecombinant E. Coli
Activity≥ 250 U/μL


(Molecular weight)

27.9±2.8 kDa
Purity (Electrophoresis)≥99%,≥90%
Buffer20 mM Tris-HCL pH8.0, 2mM MgCl2, 2mM NaCl, 50% Glycerol
Endotoxin<0.25 EU/1000 U by LAL
Optimum pH8.0-9.0
Optimum Temperature37℃
Isoelectric Point6.2

One unit Nuclease is defined as the amount of enzyme that causes a ∆A260 of 1.0 (equivalent to the complete digestion of 37μg DNA) in 30min at 37°C, pH 8.0.

3.Recommend Usage

1. Cell processing: a. Remove the culture medium from adherent cells, wash with PBS, add 1-2uL totipotent nuclease in 1mL RIPA lysate (or other mammalian cell lysates), incubate at room temperature or on ice for 5-30min, collect the lysate After centrifugation, the supernatant can be used for downstream experiments. b. After collecting the suspended cells by centrifugation, add 1mL RIPA lysis solution (or other mammalian cell lysis solution) plus 1-2uL totipotent nuclease in the centrifuge tube, incubate at room temperature or on ice for 5-30min, collect the lysis solution, centrifuge and take it up The downstream experiment can be performed after clearing.

2. Tissue sample: After grinding 30-100mg of animal or plant tissue sufficiently, add 100-200uL of lysate, and add 0.5-1uL totipotent nuclease at the same time, incubate at room temperature or on ice for 5-30min, collect the lysate, centrifuge to take the supernatant You can perform downstream experiments.

3. Escherichia coli or other bacteria: After the bacteria are collected by centrifugation, they are lysed with lysate or grinded and broken, add 0.5-1uL of Almighty Nuclease per 1mL, incubate at room temperature for 5-30min, collect the lysate, centrifuge to take the supernatant and proceed downstream experiment.

Note: If the solution is a high-salt solution, acidic or alkaline, and contains a higher concentration of detergents and denaturants, the amount of enzyme or incubation time should be appropriately increased.

4.Stability of Storage

Storage stability: -20℃ within specification range for a period of at least 24 months .

Note: it is not recommended to store the product at -70℃ or below, since freezing the product will cause loss of acivity

5.Product Advantage

Animal origin free: No exogenous virus contamination,and any animal origin material is not used in the production process.

Stable quality: Mass production can ensure stable and continuous batch production.It is no difference between the batch and the product quality is stable.

High purity: Higher specific activity.Host protein residues is less than the limits of biological products.

Compliance with regulatory requirements: Production equipment and production environment comply with relevant regulatory requirements, and the production process is in full compliance with NSF ISO 9001: 2015 quality system and GMP guidelines.

Complete quality documents: we can provide relevant regular support files in according to customers’ requirement.


This product is used to reduce the viscosity of cell, tissue or bacterial lysate; remove nucleic acid in recombinant protein/recombinant virus; remove nucleic acid interference when determining recombinant virus titer by real-time quantitative PCR; prevent cell clumping; reduce the viscosity of E. coli lysate to improve Difficulty in centrifugation and filtration in the purification process; increase the refolding rate of inclusion body proteins; preparation of two-dimensional gel electrophoresis samples.

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High Purity Serratia Marcescens Nuclease


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250 Units/ΜL Serratia Marcescens Nuclease

Quality High Purity Serratia Marcescens Nuclease 250 Units/ΜL for sale

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